Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby by JK Accinni

Today, I finished Baby by JK Accinni! First, I'd like to say that this book kept me sane throughout my move! It was a fantastic escape from that obnoxious "real life" bit!

Netty is a teenager fleeing from an abusive marriage. She returns to her childhood home, which stands in ruins. She discovers Baby, an alien creature, in a cave, barely hanging on to life. Baby and Netty heal each other and form a fascinating bond. Soon, they meet Wil, a man looking to start his own life. Together, the trio  rebuilds Netty's family farm and even build a new life together. Unfortunately, it's not long before Netty's abusive husband returns to destroy what happiness they built.

The first thing that I noticed, and the thing that really shines, about this book is the originality of the story. There are countless aliens on Earth stories out there. Some of them even portray those aliens as innocent friends, but none are quite like Baby! The physical and emotional changes these characters go through are absolutely extraordinary!

I also adored the combination of an overall simplistic lifestyle with complicated problems and complicated story. It definitely had me on the edge of my seat in places, but I was never completely overwhelmed. I also have a serious soft spot for stories that take place in simpler times, so bonus points from me there!

If you have ever been in an abusive relationship, there are parts of this book that are extremely difficult to read from an emotional standpoint. This author really knows how to tug at emotions, both good and bad. The good times are amazing, and the bad times are absolutely horrific.

If you haven't read this book yet, you need to pick this one up! You won't regret it! I can't wait to start the second!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thundering Luv by LM Preston Cover Reveal!

I have to say that I get EXTREMELY excited when I find out about new releases from LM Preston! I love this woman and her work! She will be at UtopYA this June, and she is near the top of my list of women to meet! I can't wait!

Anyways, the point to this post is to help her reveal the cover for Thundering Luv! This is the 2nd short story in the Summer Luv Series! The first book, Flutter of Luv is currently available in ebook format! Thundering Luv will be available in ebook form June 1st of this year, but will be a part of a print book of short stories in 2014! When it comes out, it will be MINE!

Make sure to read below for details on how to win an ecopy of Flutter of Luv, the first book in this same series! Also, make sure you check out the Rafflecopter!

Jewel has always been able to get the guy she wanted. The starting jock on the football team, the team captain on the basketball team, and the lead swimmer on the swim team. Problem is, she didn't find them the least bit exciting. Was she cold or a she-wolf for guys? Colin thought so, and he'd do anything to bring her down a peg or two. When these two collide on the sandy beach during their mixed up summer vacation, sparks fly, making this a summer neither will forget.

Want to win an ecopy of Flutter of Luv?

1. Add Thundering Luv to your Goodreads "To Be Read" list!

2. Go to the Flutter of Luv Amazon page and give it a "like" by clicking the button at the top!

3. Comment on this blog post and let me know what number you were on Amazon, that you added Thundering Luv to your Goodreads List, and your email address within the next couple of days!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Settling in.

We're officially out of our old house and into our new one. Some parts took some fancy brainstorming to get past, such as how to get a queen-sized box spring up a narrow stairwell. My husband and one of my man-besties ended up having to climb on the roof and pull it in through the balcony. It was moderately entertaining and incredibly terrifying. I'm glad they both made it safely. I suppose everything is funnier in hindsight. Now we're slowly unpacking and turning an empty shell into a home.

We've also run into the typical moving adventures. Things needing repairs and having to wait on repair-people. Usually I find a random stash of junk that people leave behind, but this landlord did a pretty good job of cleaning everything out.

I'm finding that I'm a bit less trusting of landlords and their promises of repairs/solutions, after our last 3. So far, we've been pretty fortunate with this one. The process isn't super fast, but at least they're getting done. I suppose this is one of those things that I need to work on. It's been pretty difficult to just sit back, take a breather, and trust things will be taken care of.

I've had some family situations pop up, that have been taking up a lot of my time. I don't feel comfortable getting into too much detail, but if you could keep my family in your thoughts and prayers, that would be much appreciated.

Book-wise, I've been doing a lot of editing. I'm not sure when I'll have a cover for Blood of Eirny, but I'll let you know as soon as I do. I'm also going to go back through The Rapture of Avery Maye and do another edit there.

I also might have a surprise sometime in the near future.

I've also been doing a bit of reading. I'm currently working on Baby by JK Accinni. I seriously love it, and it's different from anything I've read before! I'll be writing a review as soon as I finish these last two chapters!

I am brainstorming for a vlog. I keep getting requests, and I really need to pull one together. If there's anything you want to see on one, let me know! Comment here, email me, or send a message to my Facebook page.