Friday, July 18, 2014

Crane by Stacey Rourke

I somehow managed to win a print copy of Crane by Stacey Rourke. I generally don't win things, so this was pretty exciting for me. I also haven't been able to read much lately because Baby Volf is a little demanding, as most newborns are. However, I managed to finish this book in a few nights (bedtimes are so wonderful), and I was so impressed with this one that I decided to write a review and post it here. So here goes!

This is a fantastic twist on a classic story! Where most books are a little difficult to get into, this author pulls you straight in with humor and hooks you from Chapter 1!

Ireland, although the main character, is not even close to perfect, which keeps her likable. She's actually kind of a mess, which makes it extra fun to watch her grow throughout the story. She has to learn how to deal with what she's done while under the control of others while trying to figure out how to take control of her life again.

The switch between past and present was fascinating. In my opinion, it's difficult to do without losing interest, but this author pulled it off flawlessly. She gave away just enough to keep you satisfied with where the story is going but not so much that you know what's going to happen before it's all over.

My overall opinion? Buy this book. You'll thank me later.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Loving Jack by Cat Miller Cover Reveal!

I occasionally get the chance to do cover reveals for other authors! I LOVE it when I get to help spread the love! Cat is coming out with a new one!

Loving Jack
By Cat Miller
Coming August 2014

Happily ever after shouldn’t hurt this bad . . .

Grace is a studious business major who always colors inside the lines. Jack is a fun loving, bi-sexual art major who challenges her orderly existence. Grace loses her heart when a night out with friends leads to a wild encounter with Jack. Only time will tell if her heart can survive the rigors of loving a man who may need more than Grace can provide.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Her Last Wish

Cover by Megan Parker at Emcat Designs


Connor Mason had everything. He enjoyed a satisfying career, a beautiful home, and the love of his life by his side. Unfortunately, the dream of expanding their loving family would never come to pass. His world begins to crumble around him when his wife dies in a tragic accident.

In an attempt at keeping his beloved wife’s memory alive, Connor decides to hire a surrogate to fulfill her last wish. After several heartbreaking roadblocks, he prepares to admit defeat. Just when he begins to lose all hope, he finds a solution in the most unlikely of places.

Charlie Sterling is a professional student working to pave her way in the world. Between a full-time college schedule and a job at the coffee shop on campus, she has very little time for socialization. However, even with these challenges, she pushes to find time for her long-term boyfriend, Jackson.

When Charlie discovers Professor Mason’s problematic situation, she decides to help, despite the possibility of trouble for both the professor and herself. What will Jackson think of her decision? Will the surrogacy bring added complications to Charlie and Connor’s student-teacher relationship?

So much to catch up on!

So my last post was in early March, and it's now late JUNE! I'm sorry I've been so distant! I have a great excuse, at least!

See? Great excuse, yes? Baby Volf joined our family March 31st! He's been keeping me hopping! BUT I've been working on formatting my next release, which SHOULD be out very soon! Next blog post will have the information on it! I hope you're as excited about this one as I am! It's a story you just don't see very often, so I felt I had to write it!

I'm also working on putting together another vlog post! I haven't done one since LAST February, so it's about time I do that. If you have any questions you would me to answer on there, use the form below!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 is off to a great start!

So I haven't been on much, but I've been super busy! I just finished the next round of edits for Her Last Wish, which is a contemporary romance-y type book that I'm hoping will be out soon! I've got my cover girl working on a cover, and I'm sure she'll have that for me soon enough so I can share! The book, itself, is sitting with my betas! I can't wait to hear what they have to say! So far, they've been amazingly helpful!

I'm currently waiting on labor day to get here so I can officially meet Baby Volf. With a month to go, he's been kicking up a storm and causing me all sorts of pain and distraction, but I don't mind much. It's only temporary. However, with labor day coming up, I am getting into that wishy-washy period where I might disappear completely at any moment's notice. I've still been participating in raffles and things, though. I'm trying VERY hard to work all the way up to delivery.

If you happen to need me or wish for me to participate in something but you can't get a hold of me because I DID disappear, you can contact my PA, April, through my Facebook page. If she can't answer your question/respond to your request/etc. she knows how to get through to me pretty much at all times. We will both do our best to respond as soon as the situation allows.

Other than that, I hope you're all doing well! Happy reading!