Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let's have a giveaway!

Valentine's Day is coming up, so I want to do something fun! Remember when we all used to make fun little Valentine's things, even when we didn't get too involved in the holiday or even care? We should totally do that again!

No, I haven't lost my mind. I don't think. Moving on!

So, anyways! I'm also going to be giving away some fun stuff! Behold!

Alas, Oki the octopus is not a prize. She is part of my Valentine to you guys! I couldn't ask you all to do stuff without doing some stuff myself, could I? I worked pretty hard on her! And see her pretty message to you all?

What you CAN win, though, is that awesome Thirty-One Retro Metro Foldover bag on the left (completely new and unused for anything other than this picture)! Also, you can pick one of those books on the right! It will be signed and everything for you!

So how do you enter? Make a Valentine or a Valentine-inspired craft! It doesn't have to be super fancy, and this isn't a talent contest! Those are no fun! This is a creative project for you all to have FUN with! It doesn't even have to be something specifically for this contest! It can be something you're making with your kids that you want to show off! In fact, I fully encourage crafts with the kids! This is the stuff they'll remember even after you're not around, anymore!

You can use ANY materials you like: paper, clay, post-its, a drawing in the snow/dirt/sidewalk, paints, random stuff scattered around your house ... literally anything your imagination comes up with, USE IT!

You don't even have to mail it out! Just take a picture and send it to me! Put it under MY Facebook posts with this link in it or in a message to my Facebook pages (business or personal)! If you don't feel comfortable with it being seen by everyone, email it to me ( in case that link doesn't work right)! The point of this is to just have fun with it!

The only rules are as follows:
  1. Your entry has to be made by YOU. Help from your kids is fully acceptable. Point being, I should not be able to find your EXACT picture on Google, Pinterest, or whatever. Ideas from these places are totally acceptable, but don't swipe someone else's picture.
  2. If it's a more "adult" craft, please send it to my email. There are teen followers on my pages that I have to take into consideration. Chronicles of Eirny are YA, after all.
  3. Also, please DO NOT send me your porn. Kthx.
  4. Your entries HAVE to be sent to one of MY pages or email, so I can track you down if you win.
  5. Each Valentine or related craft will be worth one entry, and (after the first entry) if you would like more, feel free to make more Valentines OR share this blog post! Just let me know where it is shared so I can check!
  6. I will be drawing a winner out of a bucket on February 14th! That's two full weeks!

Have fun and good luck!