Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's that time of year again!

It's the time of year when we break out the pretty decorations! I have my own girly Christmas tree for my bedroom, and a large family tree in the living room.

Our whole family bought new ornaments last year. I chose purple. My husband chose blue. My son chose silver. The random odd-colored ornaments are personal ornaments. We have a tradition in the house where each member of the family picks out one new ornament a year. The black one in the center near the top with the white snowman is an ornament my son finger-painted in therapy last year.

My cat has assumed her usual position underneath it, where she will remain until whenever it is that we take it down. She will leave only to eat and use her box.

My son's Elf on the Shelf (oddly named Ps [pronounced "peas"]) has been moving around our living room. I'm pretty sure the little bugger feeds on souls (I mean seriously ... Just look at that face!), but my son seems to enjoy him. Although, I have to admit that he's pretty cute. I like old-looking dolls for some reason. They're almost always a bit creepy, but there's a certain lovable aspect to them that's hard to place. Perhaps it's because their design is so simple, when everything else seems to get more complicated as I age. *Shrugs*

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