Saturday, December 1, 2012

Breed of Love - A Prequel Novelette by Jason Ellis

So, I was given the opportunity to read Breed of Love by Jason Ellis. It's a prequel to And the Statue Cried with Sadness, which hasn't been released yet, but I'll make sure to let you know when it does..

First, I would like to say that this is very, VERY different for Jason Ellis. Generally, his books are lighter and happier. This one is pretty dark.

Next, I'd like to say that it's definitely not a bad thing. I think I like this darker side of his. Though I'd be afraid to wade around in it too long ...

In this short novelette, we're given a fascinating take on what happens after death, that really catches your attention. It's different and refreshing ... and a bit terrifying ... It certainly makes you wonder what's really hiding in the shadows ...

This is a fantastic prequel that has me wishing the next book were out already. I can already tell it's going to be fantastic, and I need to see more.

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