Saturday, October 13, 2012

A few shameless promotions before bed

I just wanted to give a shoutout to some awesome authors before I  head off here for the night! And what better way to kick off a new blog, yes? If you haven't read their books yet, you definitely should pick them up! These are in no particular order:

Jay Ellis is amazing and writes the Amelia Maylock books and the Holly Silverstone books! These are both great for young adults and kids!

Cat Miller writes the Forbidden Bond series! If you love vampires with a twist (and you're over 18 years old), these are definitely for you! She also happens to be my boss-lady and I ♥ her!

KB Miller writes the Moon Coven series! KB Miller's book Haunted Moon is always free!

Jennifer Malone Wright writes The Vampire Hunter's Daughter serial novel and The Birth of Jaiden. She also wrote a guide for self-published authors! Jennifer Malone Wright's book The Vampire Hunter's Daughter Part 1 is always free!

LA Freed writes the Charleston Vampire Chronicles! I absolutely adore her and her stories! These are not your average vampire books!

Stacey Rourke writes the Gryphon Series! Her books are amazing and great for teen readers! She also scores bonus points for making me laugh almost daily!

Bonnie Bernard writes the Midnight Hunter Trilogy! I can't say enough great things about it! I couldn't put these down!

JH Glaze is one of the very few authors who can get me to read horror! I usually don't like it, but I LOVE his stuff!

JB Stilwell writes vampire romance! A chunk of the proceeds from her book, The Source, go to help her young niece dealing with childhood leukemia.

Willow Cross writes Oceans of Red and the Dark Gifts series! Oceans of Red Volume One is free every time I see it, and Afterlife is free at the moment! Make sure to grab them both!

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