Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cover Reveal! Blood of Eirny's new makeover!

I was just in one of those moods today that I wanted to do another cover reveal! Rapture is in the process of getting approved for print and rerelease on Kindle and Nook. And when it does, it's Blood of Eirny's turn for the fancy new makeover! So what will it look like? Well, here it is!

Cover is by Emcat Designs!

After spending weeks in the Angelic Realm under the guidance of her father, Arzamael, Avery returns to rescue two young strangers from horrors beyond her worst nightmare.

As the newcomers settle into their new lives, secrets of Eirny’s past are revealed, threatening to tear Avery’s world apart. While she tries to figure out what these revelations mean for her, she is given a mission that will shake the citizens of Eirny down to the core.

Can Avery defend her home and the people she loves from forces stronger than anything she has ever faced before? What secret does Eirny’s past hold, and what does it mean for Eirny’s future?

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