Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Undertaken Cover Reveal

It's time for another cover reveal! I've been asked countless times about the end of days wars in the beginning of Rapture of Avery Maye! "What started them? What's REALLY going on? I know you're hiding things from me, Ema!" This is the prequel you won't want to miss!

Coming soon!
Cover by Emcat Designs
Photography by Blonde Girl Photography

Madeline lives blissfully unaware of her ability to summon the forces of darkness. That is, until she unintentionally summons a mysterious demon named Declan in her hour of need. Fortunately for her, Declan is her greatest ally in a city that shuns her.
After years of devoted protection, Declan’s past catches up to him and threatens the life that he and Madeline have built together. Although believed to be a myth, the most powerful force in the demon world has come to both prove that she is real and claim what is hers.
Madeline has to make a choice. Will she allow her only friend to be taken? Or will she team up with a group of unexpected allies to protect him and the fate of the world?

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