Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 is off to a great start!

So I haven't been on much, but I've been super busy! I just finished the next round of edits for Her Last Wish, which is a contemporary romance-y type book that I'm hoping will be out soon! I've got my cover girl working on a cover, and I'm sure she'll have that for me soon enough so I can share! The book, itself, is sitting with my betas! I can't wait to hear what they have to say! So far, they've been amazingly helpful!

I'm currently waiting on labor day to get here so I can officially meet Baby Volf. With a month to go, he's been kicking up a storm and causing me all sorts of pain and distraction, but I don't mind much. It's only temporary. However, with labor day coming up, I am getting into that wishy-washy period where I might disappear completely at any moment's notice. I've still been participating in raffles and things, though. I'm trying VERY hard to work all the way up to delivery.

If you happen to need me or wish for me to participate in something but you can't get a hold of me because I DID disappear, you can contact my PA, April, through my Facebook page. If she can't answer your question/respond to your request/etc. she knows how to get through to me pretty much at all times. We will both do our best to respond as soon as the situation allows.

Other than that, I hope you're all doing well! Happy reading!

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