Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So what am I working on?

It's been a while since I've updated. I've had some health issues and some life changes to pay attention to. But as far as writing goes, surely I have some news, right?

Of course I do!

Since I've spoken with you all last, I've started TWO new books!

One of them is not Eirny-related. It's not even paranormal. It's actually done, but I'm still contemplating whether it will be released. Why is it important, then? Well it MIGHT be news to you all later. It also means that this girly has been practicing. And it was a challenge for me to do, since it is an adult book. So, yeah. Nothing like Chronicles of Eirny, at all. Not even kinda.

The other is in the same world as Eirny, but it will not actually be a part of the series. Much like Undertaken. While I'm at it, I'll go ahead and tell you a bit more about Undertaken.

Undertaken takes place on pre-End War Earth. It explains why Eirny even happened. It explains why the End War started. I have gotten SO many questions about it, so I thought I'd tell you the whole story. It follows characters that are a part of the Chronicles, but they won't actually show up in the Chronicles until the 3rd book.

The newest one that I've been working on is called Of Land and Sea. It also takes place on pre-End War Earth and follows the parents of the mermaid rulers, who appear in Blood of Eirny, which will hopefully be out by the end of summer. I'm working so hard to get this one out to you guys, I swear.

So book descriptions out of the way, let's get on to other news.

Keep your eyes peeled on May 22nd! I have a surprise for all of you!

Also, June 28th through June 30th, I will be in Nashville for the UtopYA conference! I will be spending TONS of quality time with my temporary roomies, Ruthi and MaryAnn from R&M Fab Book Reviews, and all the authors, bloggers, and readers of all things Young Adult who will be there! I don't have a booth or anything, but I will be wandering and scoping out what's there! I hope to take lots of pictures! Also, if you see me there, make sure to say hi! If you have a print copy of The Rapture of Avery Maye, I will be more than happy to sign it for you there!

Seriously, I don't bite. Come see me.

And if I do bite, I've had my shots. Just saying.

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