Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moving is an adventure ...

So, we're finally in the new house. It's kind of a miracle that it's happened so quickly. It truly is. I have to say that we have some amazing friends. Without them, we'd still be hauling stuff and wouldn't have furniture for another week or so.

We've already had to send in a repair list to the realtor that represents the landlord. Unfortunately, we just keep having to add to it. These things are pretty normal. I've never moved anywhere that was perfect. Some things you won't notice don't work correctly unless you live there and use them. I just wish said list didn't stress me out as much as it actually does. Perhaps my exhaustion is finally showing. I have noticed I'm a bit moodier than usual ...

Part of that might also have to do with the bad weather in the state today. Here, we saw high winds and heavy rains. Some places around here were pretty flooded. Unfortunately, others weren't so lucky. There are others who lost homes. They will be in my prayers tonight, for sure.

On a happier(ish) note, new house means new stray babies. I seem to attract them everywhere we move. All the stray kittehs love me, for whatever reason. This one, I refer to as McGonagall. Super sweet and loving cat. I keep hearing it mew outside my front door, begging me to let it back inside. Unfortunately, the husband says no.

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